actors & Performers Headshots: Rates & Terms

 Price: £320


  • 3 finished hi res shots in B&W and colour supplied by email within 10 working days from ordering. (Though generally it’s sooner.)
  • Additional high res shots: £35 each, as before, please allow 10 working days. (As above.)
  • Rush jobs ie. 24 hour turnaround: add £70. 
  • Prints: I don't include prints in my package. I give you full res files for a print that makes a 10x8 that you can put on Spotlight or IMDB, send to your agent or send to a printer yourself. If you want me to do your prints, I will charge £15 each for a colour C-type – that's the old type chemically developed photographic print – matt or gloss. And £20 each for a BW resin print. (Yes, I know, it seems silly that BW costs more, but it does nowadays.)
  • Session duration: up to 3 and a half hours. 
  • Online contacts: within 3 working days.
  • Cancellations: £40 if made within 3 days of the session. £100 on the day itself. 
  • Payment: cash on the day, or online transfer. No cheques please. 
  • Agents: please talk to your agent before you come. They often have useful advice and opinions about what they need to get you work.