Above are a selection of individual portraits taken over the course of 4 years for a private party, Shhh..., which was held at Kimberley Hall from 1994 - 2012. The extended network of friends that attended these events come from many different backgrounds and walks of life and joyfully embrace or resist a loose theme every year which generally circulates around a particular colour and/or fabric. The general atmosphere is of a Dionysian celebratory release through art, dance and music made within an economy of mutual trust, acceptance and sharing. For the last few years, we invited a selection of partygoers into the ballroom to have their portraits made. (Portraits framed in the doorway were also made – please check back for a selection of these). Begun originally as a vanity project, I quickly became enthralled by the intensity of the encounters with camera and exchanges which were often made in only a few minutes. The images below are from the this year's party – now called Give! – which has relocated at Stanford Hall.

A book is available at Blurb which chronicles the first 3 years of the project and another book and exhibition covering the five years is planned in 2015. Go to Blurb